Chevy Jackal: 5 Features That Make It The Most Sought After Pickup Truck

Chevrolet never fails to impress when it comes to pickup trucks. The company has a reputation for coming up with incredible pickup truck models every year. Their latest addition, Chevy Jackal, has already topped their best-selling charts. Want to know what makes this model different from its predecessors? Keep reading.

Chevy Jackal Improved V8 with factory warranty

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Many truck enthusiasts prefer the power delivery and sound of a V8. Although the previous models made sure they met these demands, their performance lacked that vigor to stand out. Chevrolet, like most reputable brands, learned from this mistake. It upgraded its V8 engine in the Jackal. Here are some of the changes you will notice:

• Stainless steel exhaust
• Engine recalibration
• Performance cold air intake

Plus, the makers boosted its 6.2-liter V8 capacity to 442 hp and 475 lb-ft. Previously, it only supported 420 hp and 460 lb-ft. That is a massive upgrade, especially when you consider its overall performance. Moreover, every part comes with a factory warranty.

Internal Bypass Shocks

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Desert racers prefer trucks with wider coil-overs. This model doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. It not only has coil-overs with significantly larger diameters but also an improved bypass shock. This internal bypass shock increases your vehicle’s level of tunability and control. Apart from these two upgrades, you also get advanced rear suspensions with leaf springs that have better progressive-rate versions.

BajaKits prerunner suspension

Chevy Jackal Specs

The Chevy Jackal is an upgrade from the Chevy Silverado containing remote-reservoir coil-overs and shocks. Part of the upgrade is introducing the all-new BajaKits Prerunner suspension. This mod takes slightly more space than its predecessor but will make your pickup truck go the extra mile. Most importantly, the makers also added a 3” suspension travel that you can adjust from all angles.

Many suspension travels don’t have the flexibility to allow users to adjust their angles. This beast doesn’t compromise its suspension performance even for a second. It is the most updated part available in the market right now. That is one of the reasons why people want to drive this beast wherever they go.

Remote reservoir suspension in Chevy Jackal

Taking your pickup truck in a desert can result in mechanical failures. How? Well, your vehicle’s shock absorber shifts up and down constantly. The shock absorber consists of gas or fluid that heats up due to this continuous up and down movement. With the soaring temperature in deserts, chances are that the shock absorber will overheat. That’s the core reason for its mechanical failure.

Most importantly, you won’t get any help if the shock absorber stops working suddenly. This makes it essential to have remote reservoir suspension. Chevrolet fans have longed to have this feature in their pickup trucks for many years. The Chevy Jackal finally fulfills their wishes. It contains extra dampening fluid that can resist shocks for extended periods. This fluid not only tackles shock operation for long periods but also absorbs excess heat.

Improved wide stance

Chevrolet has reduced the high lift in its latest Jackal. This may come as a surprise, but the makers have logical reasons for this decision. It is, in fact, a masterstroke that many people might have missed. With a lower lift, you can now have better off-road stability. Plus, the wider fender flares make the pickup truck look more stylish. It now comes with wider tires that make the Jackal, the king of the jungle.

Chevrolet fans wait eagerly every year for the launch of the latest pickup trucks. The Chevy Silverado created a stir among the fans because of some incredible features. But the Jackal takes those features to the next level, putting it in serious contention for the best pickup truck right now.

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