2019 Buick Firebird Exterior, Interior And Engine

2019 Buick Firebird Exterior, Interior And Engine – Sincerely, there is no evidence that Buick retrieves the name of Firebird, but there are much speculation and rumors about the launch of a Buick Firebird brand for 2019, but that could be just: rumors and speculation.

Of course, we’ve seen some of what it might look like, but these are just computer-generated images of people who want Buick to do it, and to be honest, looking at some of the images, we should be fine, listen to Buick, you have to do this car!

Although the Firebird lasted 35 years, we should say that when someone mentions the Firebird name, we automatically think of the Rockford Files TV show, just like the Trans Am is Smokey and the Bandit, you just can not help it. put them together.

Just why Buick should make a 2019 Firebird

Buick does not really have a performance car at the moment, maybe it’s because General Motors believes that competition with the Camaro can hurt sales, but it must be said that adding another car to performance should be the right solution.

2019 Buick Firebird Exterior
2019 Buick Firebird Exterior
2019 Buick Firebird Interior
2019 Buick Firebird Interior

Retro-styled muscle cars are all the rage right now, and by looking at how automakers are working in other segments (such as the crossover SUV market, for example), GM needs so many cars to fill in the gaps that remain. by other manufacturers. You can choose almost anything you like in the SUV segment, why not the performance market?

So, what can we expect from a 2019 Buick Firebird?

2019 Buick Firebird Engine Specs Rumors

Thanks to emissions legislation, most manufacturers choose to offer forced induction motors with lower capacity for their cars; once the standard was a large V8 displacement, the smaller turbocharged V6 engines replaced them.

In theory, it’s not a bad thing: you can give them the same power, if not more, and they give a better gas mileage, but that dirty V8 sound is missing, and that’s something the power is not going to change: even when Manufacturers are starting to add noise systems to their cars, they will never have that V8 soundtrack that we have all associated with automotive performance, and that is a definite loss.

2019 Buick Firebird Engine
2019 Buick Firebird Engine

We hope that any new Buick performance model has such a motor, probably around the 3.6-liter capacity, with a turbocharger installed. We expect a minimum of 300 horsepower in the base model, reaching about 400 horsepower for the high-end range, even regular sedans crawling towards the 350 horsepower figure, so if Buick wants to make it a model of “Performance” will require power under the hood.

Once again, emissions mean that a multi-speed automatic transmission will have to be installed, one would think it will be an 8-speed transmission, driving the rear wheels as standard.

2019 Buick Firebird Redesign and Changes

When it comes to style, you know that Buick should take advantage of Pontiac’s legacy and give the 2019 Firebird a retro style of fantastic inspiration. Think long, low and wide with maybe a small spoiler on the trunk lid.

Unfortunately, this large rear will not be as threatening as it could be: the tires will be large enough to control the vehicle and the power, but not large enough to give the look we want. Once again, we can thank the emissions legislation for that.

We would also expect to see touches of modern design, things like aerodynamic adjustments, give the car a decent ride and handling to deal with the power as it progresses: placing 400+ BHP on the wheels will not be much fun if the chassis and body are not at the height.

In terms of the platform, a lot depends on the fact that GM will present other new models at the same time, we are talking about a new Am Tans to sit next to the Firebird in the lineup. Does this mean that GM is creating a new platform for both? We think they are more likely to be borrowing one of the existing alignments: the chassis is expensive to develop, and if General Motors is immersing itself in the water to see how popular the concept is, they will want to keep it to a minimum.

2019 Buick Firebird Release Date and Price

As we said at the beginning of the article, all this is pure speculation, and General Motors / Buick has not officially announced anything official about a new 2019 Firebird, nor any corroborated rumor. So we’re pretty sure it’s not going to happen by 2019, but by 2020 or beyond, there’s a big chance it will happen: General Motors is listening to the public, and if the public wants a new Firebird or Trans. Am, there’s a good chance they have one.

In terms of prices … to be competitive, Buick should sit on the new Firebird in any competition, so we believe that a basic starting price of approximately $ 45,000 would go to the segment, but only if Buick decides to maintain a normal Firebird. ‘auto: the super hot versions would see this price increase significantly.

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